The database was created in order to collect all the available data on the H+ Network.

The data in this database can be consulted and extracted by different means.

1. The Google earth application

It is possible to view all the available data for each site using the Google Earth application which is online on the following links:









2. Predefined requests

It is possible to recover data directly through some predefined requests. The data from these predefined requests is also available on the same page as the Google Earth application given above.

3. Creat your own requests

Finally you can creat you own request through the database. Using this application you can choose your objects and filters for the request. It is not advised to recover to much information during one request as this could take some time. It is easier to creat little request at a time.

The database application is open with a securised acces. Thus if you would like acces you can demand this one by contacting Annick Battais

Access to the database