Acces to the Data




To access the data below, it is necessary to open an account. You can contact Annick Battais to obtain a username and password. With this account you will also be able to access the database interface if you want to refine your search by creating your own queries.


Google Earth

The google earth file can be downloaded here

This file contains the information on the boreholes and also the specialized data on the site.

Statistics on inserted data



Available data on the Maheshwaram site


All the data in the H+ database can be extracted with request in the page dedicated to the database. For some data pre-requests have been defined for an easier solution to download data. The results of these pre-requests can be downloaded through the links in the table below.

The text in green indicates the data available on the site but which are still to be included into the database.

The Z references show some variations between 2011 and 2017. These variations are due to the improvement of the devices used to measure the Z references.

More details in the note : Note (Fr)



  • Chemestry analysis
  • Isotopes
  • Tracer tests


In situ Measurements

Spatial Data



Sites data